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4 Things to Consider When You Buy a Trailer

Trailers can completely transform the functionality of your truck or SUV, but choosing the right one is key. If you want to buy a trailer but don't know which model to choose, here are four things to consider when buying a trailer.

1. Weight Capacity

First and foremost, you need a trailer that can haul what you need to haul. However, you also have to consider tongue weight. According to, 10% to 15% of the maximum allowable trailer weight is the maximum tongue weight, and that includes the weight of the trailer as well as what it's hauling. Look for a trailer that has a suitable weight capacity for your needs, and make sure you're following the rules when it comes to hooking up and hauling your trailer.

2. Type of Trailer

There are lots of different types of trailers, so picking the right type of trailer is a big step. You might want a basic cargo trailer if you're hauling camping gear or household items, but some people need specialty trailers. There are trailers designed for vending, landscaping, vehicle transport, office work, and more. When you buy a trailer, make sure it's the right type.

3. Features You Need

There are numerous features you might want in a trailer, including things like electric and gas hookups, ventilation, side awnings, and more. Think about what you're going to use your trailer for and look for a trailer with the features you need based on that. From workstations and animal trailers to basic cargo trailers, there's something for everybody.

4. Braking Systems

Towing a trailer makes driving a lot harder, especially when you have to stop suddenly. Your car might have a tough time stopping itself and the trailer behind it without a long runway, but some trailers have electronic braking systems built in to help with that. These electronic braking systems allow your trailer to stop better when you brake, ultimately reducing the wear and tear on your brakes.

Whether you're looking to buy trailer parts or a simple cargo trailer for general use, there are lots of features and things to consider when you buy a trailer. If you need help finding the right trailer for your needs, call Deer Valley Trailer and we'll help you make the right choice.

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