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Professional Services and Trailer Repair in Phoenix, AZ


In today's world, there is a trade school for just about every industry. Even our welders go to school and get certified to be a welder. For some reason, there is no real trade school for trailers. Where does one go for good quality trailer service done by a tech familiar with the industry? We at Deer Valley Trailer work closely with manufacturers and parts distributors to help train our techs on today's standards and techniques used in the industry. 


Each of our service departments is managed by an individual with years of experience in the actual trailer industry. Some of our techs have even worked at the manufacturing level. Whether you need service, fabrication, or parts, we have the answers and solutions you need.


Most of the time trailers are hand-crafted products with fabricators and tape measures playing a large role in the trailer industry. We have an on-site fabrication shop and employ an on-site welder to run it. This speeds up repair times considerably and allows you to make custom alterations to your existing trailer.


Whether you own one vehicle or a fleet, it's always good to get any vehicle inspected annually and the same is with trailers. Keeping up on your trailer's health could help you avoid costly repair bills or even tickets and fines. We inspect for cracked welds, fatigued metal, corrosion, broken or heavily worn parts. Have peace of mind and drop your trailer off and get a safety check.


Unless you keep your trailer covered or indoors, mother nature has its way. A majority of trailers have wood floors and require waterproofing once a year. The Arizona sun is very harsh on trailer decks and we have seen it cook even pressure-treated lumber into nothing. We can help maintain an existing deck with repairs and waterproofing or completely replace it.


You wouldn't drive a car without ever getting the oil changed or the brakes did, would you? The Grease for your bearings serves as the oil and is sealed normally with parts that brake down over time. Getting the bearings packed annually allows us to visually inspect the breaks and make recommendations based on their condition. Blown bearings and damaged breaks are the number one reason a trailer owner sees a big repair bill.


 Accidents happen and major situations can occur that require a timely repair. Our on-site parts warehouse houses most standard trailer parts that most places need to order. As long as your trailer is in a repairable condition, we can repair most situations in days, not weeks. Please be aware our service departments work on a, first come first serve basis. we can not schedule service appointments at this time. 


If you're in need of experienced and professional services including trailer repair in Phoenix, AZ, don't rely on just any trailer company to service your equipment. Make sure you're choosing a team that you know and trust that has years of experience in the industry catering to trailers with makes and models exactly like yours. Rely on Deer Valley Trailer. For more information about our trailer repair services, parts, or accessories, don't hesitate to reach out to our team today. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our trailer services.

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