Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trailers do we sell?
Utility Trailers, Car Haulers, Car Dollys, Enclosed Box Trailers, Dump Trailers, and Landscape Trailers.

Do we finance?
Yes. All financing is based on your credit situation and provided by Sheffield Financial or One Main Financial.

Do you have to register a trailer in Arizona?
Yes. Any trailer used on public roads in Arizona has to be registered. 
Car Dollys are the only trailers that don't get registered for use in Arizona.



Do we Deliver trailers?



What kind of trailer repair do we do?
We fix most general situations with trailers. To help fix the more serious issues we employ an onsite welding fabricator. Please note that we are unable to straighten trailer frames. Additionally we don't have the proper equipment to do skin work and roof repair on the exterior of enclosed trailers.



Can I make an appointment for trailer repair?
All trailer repair is handled on a first come, first served bases. No same day service or appointments can be scheduled.

How fast can I get my trailer repaired?
Depending on the demand for our services, all trailer service work takes an average of 5 to 10 business days to complete from the date your trailer was dropped off.

Do we do Dept. of Transportation inspections?

Do we deal with travel trailers or motor homes?

Do we work on vehicles?